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JBOATS Australia is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the renowned range of performance sailing yachts from J/Boats.

J/Boats reward their owners with superior handling and performance. That means winning ways on the racecourse and fast, safe passages on coastal or offshore cruises. Every J has a low centre of gravity for stability and sail-carrying ability, a balanced hull shape for a sea-kindly motion, and a spade rudder for the ultimate in maneuverability.

The advanced composite construction ensures that for their size, these boats are faster, lighter and stronger than their contemporaries. The patented SCRIMP process pulls triple the normal vacuum- bagging levels to draw all the air out of the cored hull & deck laminates and to draw a slow-curing resin into every void in a single step. It offers higher strength (due to 65% glass content vs. typical 40%) and a void-free laminate far superior to hand lay-up or chopper gun construction used by others.

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JBoats Australia

1 Crystal St
Sydney NSW 2106