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There�s really nothing quite like a Cobalt. Since its first day on the water over 50 years ago, only a Cobalt has inspired a sense of ownership synonymous with accomplishment. Recognized as America�s boat- building experts, Cobalt�s commitment to standard- setting performance and luxury continues to make it much more than just a purchase � it�s a destination. From the moment you know you want one to the moment you finally own one, nothing should compromise your life�s pursuit. Only a Cobalt � three words poised to define the next generation of boat owners.

Cobalt Boats Australia has earnt an impeccable reputation for exceptional customer service with quality new and used boats displayed in their large showrooms in Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sydney.

Cobalt is renowned for their highest quality Runabouts and Wake Surf Vessels, exceptional craftsmanship, well-engineered, finely detailed interiors and spacious layouts, Cobalt are for all seasons, occasions and all that matters the most.

We welcome you to visit one of our showrooms, or contact us via email or phone, to talk about the best boating options for you.
 New Power Boats Price
Bennington Pontoon Boat 16sl AU $54,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 188 Slv AU $48,600
Bennington Pontoon Boat 188 Slv AU $49,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 20 Sl AU $65,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 21ssr AU $69,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 22 Ss Stern Radius AU $69,900
Cobalt Cs22 AU $109,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 22ss AU $59,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 22sf AU $57,900
Pacific Pontoons 230 AU $49,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 23 Sl AU $79,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 23ss AU $89,000
Base price
Cobalt 23sc AU $139,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 22ssrx Stern Radius AU $89,000
Bennington Pontoon Boat 23spdxp Dinette Premium AU $135,000
Pursuit C238 Just Arrived AU $169,000
No more to pay - drive away
Bennington Pontoon Boat 25qsrfb AU $239,000
Pacific Pontoons 250 AU $53,000
Cobalt R6 Outboard New Model AU $199,000
Base price
Pursuit Dc236 AU $144,000
Base price
Cobalt R6 AU $239,000
No more to pay - drive away
Pursuit C260 AU $174,000
Base price
Bennington Pontoon Boat 25ssr AU $97,990
Bennington Pontoon Boat Qx25 Fastback AU $219,000
Pursuit S268 AU $199,000
Pursuit Dc266 AU $249,000
Base price
Cobalt R7 Factory Demo -Full New Boat And Engine Warranty AU $239,000
Cobalt R7 AU $269,000
Cobalt A29 New Model Arriving July 2021 AU $299,000
Pursuit S288 AU $249,000
Base price
Bennington Pontoon Boat 30qsrfbwa X2 AU $360,000
Pursuit Dc295 AU $295,000
Base price
Pursuit Os325 AU $459,000
Base price
Pursuit Dc326 AU $419,000
Base price
Pursuit S328 AU $429,000
Base price
Pursuit S368 AU $630,000
Base price
Pursuit Dc365 AU $655,000
Base price
Pursuit Os355 AU $669,000
Base price
Pursuit Os385 AU $823,000
Base price
Pursuit S408 AU $998,000
Base price
 Used Power Boats Price
Cobalt Cs22 Sold AU $95,000
Cobalt 24sd Sold AU $145,000
Cobalt 24sd AU $110,000
Cobalt 25sc New Listing AU $176,000
Pursuit Dc265 AU $169,000
Cobalt R7 New Listing AU $269,000
Cobalt A28 AU $230,000
Cobalt 296 Sold AU $129,000