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23' - 7.00m
Family, In-shore Fishing, Off-shore Fishing
Perth Region Bibra Lake WA
Model Year
Hull Material

Description: AMC Triax
Western Australia build

AMC Triax, 2023 Model.

(10 Year Structural warranty. ) Check out our latest project search Australia Marine Craft on Instagram.......

LOA Length- 7.02m

Beam - 2.45m

Bottom Thickness - 5mm Up gradable

Sides Thickness - 4mm Up gradable

Full Depth 4mm Frames with Contoured Stringers

Person Capacity - 7

Full Load Displacement - 2230Kg


Boats are custom built to suit each owners requirements

Soft Riding Hull with Inverted 'S' Shape Chine

High Side Gunwales (725mm Deck to Side)

Enclosed Fwd. Cabin Walk-around Cabin

Seat Boxes and Dash Panels

Aluminum Bait Board

200L-400L ( optional No addition cost ) Under Floor Fuel & Floodable Kill Tanks & Dry Storage

Walk Through Transom

Live Bait Tank

Transom Access Ladder

Pump Pickup and Recirc Tubes

Weld in rod holders and cup holders

Hardtop Rocket launchers

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O ur boats by referring to Australian Standard 1799, BV rules for High Speed Light Craft, DNV rules for High Speed Light Craft and the USL Code. In addition we then apply fundamental engineering principles in areas not covered by these rules such as stress relieving cutouts. We go beyond simply meeting the minimum requirements

To maximize the strength and safety of your boat, our hull frames are full depth solid plate. Unlike some manufacturers, we do not use floating frames.

Our boats with chines that are built in the same way that larger commercial boats are built.

That is inserted between the bottom and side plates and fully welded inside and outside.

The alternative is to join the side and bottom plates directly and then cap the join with an extruded angle section. We will not build this way due to the risk of crevice corrosion. If this capped section should ever leak, damp salt would build up inside.

The area would then become oxygen deficient and corrosion would be accelerated.

Some builders that use the capped method drill drainage holes in the ends of capped chines to let water out if it ever leaks. The problem is that this also lets the salt water in. While the water would drain out, the salt will build up.

Our aluminium boats are designed to cope with the choppy waters encountered off the Australian coastline and many of them feature our exclusive "S" shaped inverted chine with variable dead rise hull. This combination was made possible using advanced Naval Architecture software and results in a unique hull shape that is both stable and soft riding

We have tested in the open waters in a 2.5m swell. We tested into the swell, beam on to the swell and running with the swell. The boats stay dry, do not broach and maintain a comfortable 25 knots.

We have Build our hulls to stay in the water and cut through the waves - not jump over them.

To build a hull shape that is best suited to the conditions off the Australian coast. Our hulls feature a variable dead rise combined with an inverted forward chine. This combination was chosen to give a balance between stability at rest, smooth water planing and rough water comfort. The inverted chine allows for a finer entry to increase comfort levels when heading into choppy seas. Below the waterline the flatter dead rise aft promotes stability.

Price for bare aluminum hull only

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Western Australia
Perth Region Bibra Lake WA
Model Year
23' - 7.00m
Hull Material


Bibra Lake
WA 6163 Australia