10.5M RIB  

US $75,000 Need Finance?
34' 5" - 10.50m
Launch Year
Hull Material

US $75,000    Need Finance?
Description: 10.5m RIB
The MRC1050 RIB is a heavy duty high speed commercial 10.5m rigid inflatable boat with composite hull and Kevlar reinforced hull. Propulsion is by three outboard engines of 250HP a piece driving excellent performance, shallow draft and unparalleled manoeuvrability. The craft layout features a back helm position for two crew on all weather jockey seats. Behind the two crew seats will be placed four extra seats. It has an big reinforced cargo deck to transport different type of goods, cargo and or equipment. All fasteners throughout the whole craft are of A4 high grade stainless steel and feature nylon isolation washers between dissimilar metals to avoid galvanic corrosion.

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Launch Year
34' 5" - 10.50m
3.3m (10ft 9in)
Hull Material
Engine Make
3 x 250HP Outboards Fuel Capacity: 2500L Speed: 3 engines > 55 knots Range: > 500 nm
Number Engines
Safety Gear
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Portable 2kg dry powder fire extinguishers is mounted in brackets within easy sight and reach of the Crew

Bilge System
Two automatic 12v electric bilge pumps. The pump to have integral and automatic level detection, with a visual and audible alarm to alert the crew. Switching to be off/on/automatic from the console.
Navigation Lights
As required by SOLAS 72, a Craft of this size is required to be fitted with port (red) and (starboard), and masthead (all round white) lights. The following approved and IP68 rated LED lights are fitted:
Combined Port/Starboard 24V LED
All Round White 24V LED
The all round white light can be switched such that it may be used as an anchor light. Both the lights will be mounted on the mast.

Communication System
An ICOM IC-M604 maritime VHF-DSC integrated radio is fitted to the console ahead of the Navigator.

Navigation System
Garmin NavStation + GPS
The console is designed to provide an ergonomically and easy to use arrangement that minimises the risk of operator fatigue and error. The arrangement reflects M-RIBs experience of the design and construction of fast open boats. A fixed, heavy-duty Polycarbonate windscreen is fitted to the console.
Deck Gear
Lifting Points
The craft is fitted with three lift points on the deck that are designed for general lifting and specifically for use with the 3-legged strop arrangement. MADERA lifting points are tested for 7 tons each.
Crew: 2
Passengers: 4

Hull & Deck
The hull and deck are moulded from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) using E-Glass woven roving and chopped strand reinforcement impregnated with polyester resin. For additional impact resistance the hull laminate is reinforced with Kevlar woven reinforcement. This type of construction is well proven and results in a very robust, but easily repairable structure. The mouldings will have a pigmented isothalic polyester gelcoat. The hull shell is a one piece moulding of single-skin GRP construction. The shell is reinforced in areas of higher loads (ie. In way of Craft tie-down points). The transom is reinforced to accept the loads from the propulsors. The hull structure is a matrix of longitudinal girders and stringers, and transverse frames and bulkheads that stiffen the hull, support the hull shell and the deck. The stringers and frames are GRP 'top-hat' stiffeners constructed within the hull. The resulting structure is immensely strong and robust. Limber holes are fitted through the structure to ensure that any water drains to the lowest point within the compartment. The deck is a one piece moulding. The deck is moulded with all the details, recesses and up-stands required for the deck fit out. The inner and outer skins are of GRP with a core of structural closed-cell foam. In areas of high load, the core is replaced with higher density structural foam. The deck is bonded to the hull and hull structure using an approved structural adhesive and the joint over laminated with GRP to form a strong, watertight connection.

Electrical System
The Craft's electrical system is a 12V DC fully insulated two-wire system. Fully waterproof.

The engine start batteries are 12V 115Ah batteries. These are maintenance free, inversion proof gel batteries and of sufficient capacity to start a nonpreheated engine six times. These batteries are located within the transom Compartment, secured within a watertight battery box. The battery box is naturally vented to atmosphere on the Engine Box.

Power Sockets
Waterproof 12V DC power socket to power the hand held searchlight or any similar 12V DC devices is mounted on the console.

The following items will be switched from a waterproof (IP67) switch panel mounted on the console:
Navigation Lights (fully dimmable)
Search Lights
The following items are mounted on the console:
Steering wheel
Engine start/stop buttons
Engine ignition key
Analogue Engine RPM gauges
Engine oil pressure/temperature gauges
Engine cooling water temperature gauges
Engine hours meter
Analogue Battery voltmeter gauges
Analogue Engine Compartment temperature gauge

Fuel System
The fuel system consists of one fuel tanks of 2500L, filling points and vents, and a supply and return system to each of the engines.

Outfit & Furnishings
2 seats for the crew
6 seats for passengers
Identification plate
VHF antenna
Extended Sunroof to cover all seats
Engine protection bar
Foam tubes
All crafts provided with standard jockey seats.

Stowage & Compartments
Bow locker utilising the front hull compartment. Features a large watertight access hatch of MADERA design.

Extended Sunroof
The Rib will be fitted with an extended robust sunroof which will cover the console and all the seats. The frame of the extended sunroof will be constructed from a tubular robust metal frame. Strong durable canvas will be placed between the frames.

Madera Ribs will select the painting systems, materials and fasteners to minimise corrosion. Paint systems shall comply with EU environmental legislation. No wood will be used in stowage facilities. All boat-builder supplied fasteners will be A4 stainless steel. Fabricated stainless steel items will be to 316 material specification. Fabricated aluminium alloy items will be of marine grade aluminium alloy.
A heavy duty, wear resistant, non-slip coating will be applied to the deck and engine box.

Twelve (12) months from delivery.

This part describes the Optional Items that Madera Ribs could offer to support its Base Proposal that is described in the Technical Specification above. These options are to provide additional capability or advantages.
Simrad navigation package (6760 Euro)
Trailer (8670,- Euro)
Boat Cover (2450 Euro)

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