Azimut 60 Fly Boat Review

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Boat Review Date: 9 December 2023
Author: Dans Boat Life


What is it about the Azimut 60 Fly that has made this boat such a hit Downunder? Azimut is a very well know Italian brand in Australia, somewhat of an icon on Sydney Harbour as their designs are always unmistakeable and unique. But I personally feel that their interior designs often make me go wow. Not like over the top wow... more like... wow thats cool... or wow I would never have thought of that!

See what wow comes to your mind when you discover this boat with me and don't forget to join me for the test drive if you fancy a bit more 'wow' in your life!

About the Author: Dan Jones is a retired boat salesman of 20 years who is creating real world independent boat tests for his YouTube Channel, Dans Boat Life. He has personally sold and delivered over 450 power and sailing boats and has 30 years’ experience with yacht racing, cruising sailing and power boats of all types. Dan has trained hundreds of owners on the operation of their new boats and is a specialist in coaching new boat owners on how to confidently park their boat in a marina berth.