Selling Your Boat? Tips For A Better Ad


Selling Your Boat? Tips For A Better Ad

Tips for Selling Your Boat

Sell your boat fast by presenting your boat or boat gear for sale in the best of conditions. The best way to sell your boat can make the difference between a quick sale and a long on-market time. Below are a few tips you may find worthwhile considering to produce a better boat ad and to get better value for your money.

1. Getting Your Boat Ready for Sale

If you are putting your boat on the market, clean it and tidy up are the first rules of selling your boat. You should clean the complete boat inside out, and even consider to polishing the hull. A shiny boat is something like a 'smiling boat'. Remove anything that clutters up the saloon of your boat; keep crockery etc in lockers, clean the sink and icebox/fridge, dispose of all garbage bags. Make the beds, tidy the bunks, remove personal items.

Keep in mind that the new owner of the boat will imagine themselves in your boat, and that is easier to do in a boat free of clutter. Make sure everything is in good working order, repair or remove what isn't. If you are selling boat trailers or boat motors, the same rules about clean, tidy and in good working order apply.

2. Take Lots of Good Photos

Photograph your boat (or gear) in good light conditions as this will produce the best results. Zoom in on details that are outstanding features of your boat. For the interior you may need a flash for extra light. If using photo processing software, photos can be enhanced before upload.

For best results use the original photo from your camera/phone. No need to worry about resizing your photo before uploading, our system will do that for you.

3. Write a Good Description

When selling a boat, the description should present a general overview of your boat/gear (example: "Popular model in excellent condition, only one owner and regularly serviced. Fitted with all the features needed for extended offshore fishing trips").

4. Specifications and Inventory

Enter as much information about your boat/gear as you can. List the make/model of products of value, this will give the buyer an idea of what they are buying. Be correct and truthful about the condition and inventory of your boat.

5. Your Contact Details

Take care that your details are correct, proof read for errors when your ad is online and correct any typos and spelling mistakes. Remember, you can access your boat ad as often as you like to make changes. Make it easy for the enquirer to contact you. Your email address will be used for the enquiry from the website, and in addition you may want to give a telephone number. Enter your address (town/suburb is sufficient), so that a buyer knows how far he has to travel if he/she would like to inspect your boat/gear. You can change your email address by going to your Members Dashboard, click on Profile and then the Change Email Address link towards the bottom of the screen.

6. Reply to Prospective buyers

Reply to your boat advertisement enquiries as promptly as you can. This will communicate that you are serious about the sale of your boat/gear. Buying a boat involves a considerable amount of money and a buyer likes to be reassured that you can be trusted. Your first impression will set the tone.

7. Beware of Fraudulent Activity and Scams

Unfortunately the Internet attracts its share of deceit and fraud. If an offer sounds too good to be true, or the circumstances seem in any way suspicious, it pays to be extra careful. Keep asking questions until you are satisfied that you are dealing with a genuine buyer. Don't be shy about wanting guarantees that you are not being cheated when it comes to the point of sale and money changing hand for the goods. Find out more about Scams - please use common sense and caution.


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