Chivers Thresher 620RB Boat Review

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Boat Review Date: June 2019
Author: Mike Brown


Chivers Thresher 620, like others in the Shark series, is offered in centre console, sports fisher and, as the review boat, runabout versions. Inevitably, it will be used for fishing, and the runabout probably gives more elbow room for that than the others. It also makes a lighter boat: 1,700kg towing weight puts it within the ability of most medium sized cars.

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The 620 makes the most of its runabout layout with the windscreen positioned well forward; by standing in the dashboard recess one can easily reach the bowsprit. This maximizes the cockpit area available for fishing. The seating area is thoroughly protected by large area clears and canopy, which are quickly furled. The seats themselves are the now-usual bolster type, resilient rather than soft, and matched with good footrests. This is a comfortable boat to drive sitting or standing.

Standard power for the 620 is a 130hp Evinrude E-TEC. Ours had a 150 E-TEC that pushed top speed beyond 40 knots, with the bonus of the shattering acceleration that E-TECs provide. Acceleration is not just for hooning: it is lovely stuff to have if a rogue breaker rears up. A little known E-TEC bonus is the ability to be pull started with a rope around the flywheel if the battery is flat: an unlikely problem here with the standard dual batteries.
The batteries are stowed in a box locker below the single seat mid-transom; a drop-in bait tray is mounted above and behind. To port is the door to the boarding platform, to starboard is a wrap-around of that side’s pocket; very thoughtful.

Other places to stow stuff are more abundant than in the average runabout. Besides the seat boxes, below the foredeck a pound fence retains bigger, loose items, with a shelf above for small stuff. Below the cockpit deck, normally concealed by carpet, are two 190 litre catch tanks. 190 is big, and these can alternatively be used for dry stowage.

Travel in the 620 is slightly more restful due to the interior paint Chivers are using. It is an off-white – sometimes called not-quite-white. The lower reflectance works wonders for the eyes.

The special feature of the whole Shark range is the auto ballasting and discharge; this is what permits the 20 degree deadrise – in the case of our 620; the bigger Sharks have even sharper bottoms. Stop the motor and the ballast tank floods, the extra weight lowering the chines instantly as well as automatically. The stability increases dramatically for the four or five occupants who do not want to sit on the centerline to fish. Open the throttle, the tank empties as quickly as it filled, and a far softer than average ride is handed out. Undreamed of luxury just a few years ago.

Length overall 6.2m
Hull length 5.8m
Beam 2.4m
Fuel capacity 180L
Towing weight 1,700kg
Motor fitted 150hp Evinrude E-TEC