Coraline 670FX Boat Review

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Boat Review Date: April 2014
Author: Mike Brown


The 670 in the Coraline’s name refers to hull rather than overall length, so this is a big trailer boat by most standards. Its size was one of the owner’s reasons for choosing it: to suit his tow vehicle he wanted as much boat as possible with a trailing weight under 2.5 tonnes. Coraline built it an aluminium trailer to compensate for the extra weight of fuel, fresh water and the other stuff people put in boats.

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This owner plans to work his boat hard, setting his sights on all the favoured northern hot spots, and specified it accordingly. With as much road as sea mileage likely in its career, for on-trailer use it owns a bra to save the paint from stone chips. But the other custom features and extras are all about enhancing the on water experience.

Fishermen, particularly far ranging ones, have firm views on their ideal boat and the owner of ‘Tethys’ is among them. (‘Tethys’, incidentally, is the name geologists have given to Earth’s single monster ocean in the days when it had only one continent. Unsurprisingly, a geologist owns ’Tethys’). A belt and braces kind of man he ensured a dependable electricity supply by fitting a solar panel as well as dual batteries. These have the automatic switching arrangement that directs the available charge to the starting battery, topping it up before giving any to the house battery.

A good standard of living for a married couple on long days afloat for was vital. The fore cabin has full size bunks for the occasional overnight, and a flushing toilet. It also has a door, although a fabric one to save weight. The cockpit’s main contribution to gracious living is a removable table ahead of the folding rear lounge. With it folded, there is access to the drop-in bait station at the transom; a barbecue, in turn, drops into that. Up front in the seat boxes are 12 Volt sockets for coffee makers, or phone recharging for addicts.

Most of the cockpit is shaded by the hardtop and its push fit fabric extension. This is a tough, rattle free construction on the same lines as everything else on board; this is a quiet boat. Shade is one of the must-haves for fishing at least as much as for any other activity. But on the purely fishing side, there are a large kill tank, rod and sinker holders, rocket launchers, game pole mounts and a pressure deck wash system

The boat has the hull form common to the current range of Coralines: increased deadrise with wide reversed chines tapering to a restrained knuckle forward. Coupled with a beam of 2.5 metres the design gives the double of first class stability at rest and good ride quality. Shelter is also excellent within the cocoon of side and windscreen glass and open hardtop.

Open means space between the top of the glass and the hardtop, which is a good choice for hot places although glass all the way is an option. The seats for the two facing the screen are top line buckets mounted on roomy locker boxes and equipped with well positioned footrests. For people standing or moving about there is an almost extravagant metreage of grab rails.

The motor installed was a 200hp four stroke Yamaha delivering effortless cruising up to around 30 knots – a speed frequently useable in northern waters. Steering too is effortless thanks to the hydraulic system used. Fine tuning of trim is provided by QL trim tabs.

The key electronic component is the Humminbird 1199 side scan sonar that delivers superb shallow water definition with a sideline in GPS plotting. Other advanced electrics are a complete outfit of LED lights, and an abundance of them. For anchoring an electric drum windlass – the most foolproof kind – is installed.

One couple has their dream boat, but one of the many advantages of buying a locally built boat is it can be tailored to anyone’s dream. If price is a major consideration, for instance, non structural changes can be made to reduce the dollars.


Price from                  AUD $91,108

Price as reviewed    AUD $128,719

Length overall           7.1m

Hull length                6.7m

Beam                          2.5m

Fuel capacity            280L

Fresh water               150L

Motor fitted                200hp Yamaha four-stroke