Ital 32GT Boat Review

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Boat Review Date: 22 February 2024
Author: Dans Boat Life


I'll be interested in your thoughts on this but it occurred to me that many of you don't care for overnight accommodation because you have a perfectly nice house you like to sleep in or you have another more luxurious boat that fits that mission set quite nicely for you already.

So justifying what will be well over a brick ($1M) to buy a Med Style Day Boat may be a hard sell to your partner.

This could be when a RIB like this Ital 32GT fit's in quite nicely. She's ultra capable - like excellent riding through the cop - super fast and relatively simple and safe to operate provided you know a thing or two about fast driving.

She gives you excellent social spaces plus a toilet and lunching facilities and that's about it. Ultra easy and cheap t service compared to IPS or sterndrive and can be stored on a swing mooring, regular berth, drive on bricks or rack and stack so gives you a lot of flexibility.

Plus she's quite the looker with so many cool colour choices and accents like the orange against the Army Green.

Am I onto something with this thought process? Can you save yourself the bigger spend and be just as happy with this because accommodation is just not that important in your boat life?

Keen to hear your thoughts. I liked this brand so will give it some more attention in the future.

About the Author: Dan Jones is a retired boat salesman of 20 years who is creating real world independent boat tests for his YouTube Channel, Dans Boat Life. He has personally sold and delivered over 450 power and sailing boats and has 30 years’ experience with yacht racing, cruising sailing and power boats of all types. Dan has trained hundreds of owners on the operation of their new boats and is a specialist in coaching new boat owners on how to confidently park their boat in a marina berth.