2023 Maritimo M55 Walkthrough Boat Review

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Boat Review Date: 21 September 2023
Author: Dans Boat Life


This Maritimo M55 has the potential to be the ultimate mothership for those of you who enjoy mucking about with water toys. The design has allowed for a pretty cool aft deck they are calling the Adventure Deck which features a handy storage space below that can store a second tender or plenty of toys.

So imagine yourself anchored up with your RIB deployed and a second tender also in the water and available for the kids to use. The SUP boards and foiling boards can be inflated on the Adventure Deck and fun days ahead. Grandma and Grandpa could chill up on the flybridge watching over the kids, and when it's time for the whole family to get together you have some great options on both decks with loads of fresh air due to the big openning windows.

But it's the shaft drive set up that actually sets this boat apart from many of the competition as IPS is definately more common these days on the big boats. I know many of you seek out shaft drive vessels and this will be one of the main reasons you buy a boat like this. Well in this test I discovered the upgraded twin disc joystick operation and how smooth and easy it is to operate combined with variable speed thrusters. This sytem was excellent and would make berthing a lot easier for many of you.

And for those of you asking we finished the day with 1,500L in the main tank. Please remember the drive you see me doing in the video is actually done 3 times as I am also flying the drone which I use to give you the aerial images. If you know feel free to eductae me in the comments on how to activate the fuel flow readout on this boat as I could not find it.

About the Author: Dan Jones is a retired boat salesman of 20 years who is creating real world independent boat tests for his YouTube Channel, Dans Boat Life. He has personally sold and delivered over 450 power and sailing boats and has 30 years’ experience with yacht racing, cruising sailing and power boats of all types. Dan has trained hundreds of owners on the operation of their new boats and is a specialist in coaching new boat owners on how to confidently park their boat in a marina berth.