Riviera 58 Sport Motor Yacht Boat Review

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Boat Review Date: 22 January 2024
Author: Dans Boat Life


Welcome to the Riviera 58 Sport Motor Yacht. This is a brand spanking NEW model from the Aussie builder and worthy of your attention if you are seeking one or all of the following:

- Offshore capable hull
- Extra real estate
- Ability to manage solo or with crew
- Practical design catered to serious boaters
- Very good resale in some markets

While I know many Riv owners have already owned multiple Riv's in the past for those of you who are being introduced to this brand you need to think of a vessel that has been designed with ease of use in challenging environments. This is a boat that is happy bashing through waves all day and being belted with harsh sun but the occupants inside will largely remain comfortable and still enjoy the experience.

They allow you to transport a luxury experience to a remote place and enjoy yourself. That's the best way I can describe a Riv and particularly this 58 SMY with her multiple levels. When I say luxury I also mean all the little details - like sound and temperature insulation and the ergonomics of the space below have been designed into the boat and the experience at the helms as the operator of one of these boats is very hard to match. They just do a great job at making blokes (and ladies) of all sizes feel comfortable at the helm of their boats.

About the Author: Dan Jones is a retired boat salesman of 20 years who is creating real world independent boat tests for his YouTube Channel, Dans Boat Life. He has personally sold and delivered over 450 power and sailing boats and has 30 years’ experience with yacht racing, cruising sailing and power boats of all types. Dan has trained hundreds of owners on the operation of their new boats and is a specialist in coaching new boat owners on how to confidently park their boat in a marina berth.