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1 February 2024


Skipper BSK Boats launch in Australia, Elevating Boating to Unprecedented Levels of Luxury and Innovation
Applecross Perth, Australia - 1 Feb 2024

Skipper-BSK, a renowned name in the world of pleasure boating, is thrilled to announce the availability of their extraordinary boat models in Australia via the Royal Marine Company. With a commitment to excellence, innovative design, and cutting-edge technology, Skipper BSK boats redefine the art of boating, promising a luxurious and sophisticated experience like never before.
"At Skipper-BSK, we don't just create boats, we craft masterpieces of marine excellence. Our boats are a harmonious fusion of design brilliance, unrivalled elegance, and breathtaking speeds, providing a truly extraordinary boating experience, " said Alex Stavroulakis, Director and Chief Designer of Skipper-BSK.

Skipper-BSK's success is rooted in its commitment to cutting-edge design, engineering, and technology. The in-house Research & Development department is dedicated to creating new boat models and accessories, ensuring that each vessel is a testament to innovation and quality. The production process involves rigorous testing, hydrostatic analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and sea trials, resulting in exceptional final products that stand out in the pleasure boating industry.

Skipper BSK boats are poised to meet the growing demand for 'super-RIBs' in the market. The models feature a unique sponson-to-deck-height design, ensuring a safe and secure gunwale height where it is most needed. The big, beamy boats are built to order by hand, allowing customers to explore a virtually limitless options list with the assistance of an in-house design team.
"If 'super-RIBs' are the next 'big thing, ' then Skipper BSK is well-positioned to satisfy this market. Our young, energetic production team brings enthusiasm, energy, and a lust for innovation with no bounds, " added Stavroulakis.
The new generation of Skipper BSK boats proudly holds the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, joining the ranks of world-leading brands such as Ferrari and Apple. Established in 2000, Skipper BSK boats have been delivering unparalleled boating experiences since the first boat rolled off the production line a year later.

Discussing the brand's origins, Stavroulakis explained, "We were forged on the back of the Aegean RIB culture, focusing on live-aboard island hopping and offshore RIB cruising. Our hull design is a result of extensive testing in the challenging Aegean Sea, ensuring not only a level run but also a soft and comfortable ride. "

Skipper BSK boats are now available in Australia, featuring the 34NC, 38NC, and 42NC in both outboard and inboard versions. Boating enthusiasts can expect a blend of luxury, innovation, and performance that truly sets Skipper-BSK apart in the marine industry.

About Skipper-BSK
Skipper-BSK is a leading name in the pleasure boating industry, dedicated to crafting masterpieces of marine excellence. With a focus on innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to quality, Skipper-BSK boats redefine the boating experience and are supported by Royal Marine in Australia.

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