Cranchi Sessantasette To Make Its First Appearances At Cannes Yachting Festival

28 June 2022

Cranchi Sessantasette To Make Its First Appearances At Cannes Yachting Festival Piantedo, 22 June 2022

A new project is coming into view at the Cranchi Yachts Research Studies Centre with shipyard managers and young designers and engineers forming a task force dedicated to product innovation under the supervision of Aldo Cranchi. The only information revealed by the company to date is the name chosen for the project: Cranchi Sessantasette CORSA 67 ft. The new model can therefore be expected to share some similarities with the most recent flybridge model presented by the shipyard in Piantedo. Cooperation with Christian Grande has also been confirmed. The designer's distinct style has helped define the new identity of the Cranchi Yachts range as it renews itself season after season with an unending stream of novelties and surprises.

What new vision lies behind the first ever use of the word "corsa" by Cranchi Yachts? Only time will tell, but the wait can be alleviated by exploring the many other novelties that the shipyard has to offer for the 2022/2023 season.

The most recent model produced by Cranchi is the Sessantasette (20.8m - 68'3"). This next-generation flybridge made its first appearance in January 2022 with a streaming event hosted inside the shipyard's production area. After appearing at the Cranchi Yachts Marine Test Centre for testing by shipowners and professionals, the model has now earned a place of honour at the Cannes Yachting Festival (official global première) and at the Genoa Boat Show (Italian première).

Both shows will also feature the Settantotto (25.15m - 82'6"), offering visitors two unmissable opportunities to come into contact with the new Cranchi Yachts Flagship Collection in its entirety.

Among the many unique traits of the Sessantasette 67 ft, the free-standing furnishing solutions exceed the standards of the usual nautical furnishings, adding further notes of elegance and character to the yacht and giving owners the opportunity to select pieces according to their own personal taste, rendering this uniquely stylish yacht even more remarkable. The unit that will be on display at the boat shows is equipped with some masterpieces from the Flexform collections. The furnishings were selected by Christian Grande to offer the warmth and laid-back elegance of a style that is both classic and contemporary. The saloon and dining room are further enhanced by the presence of the Edmond sofa and armchairs from the Feel Good range, paired with the Fly tables. The Fly Outdoor table is also present in the cockpit, along with the outdoor version of the Alison armchair, whose supple curves promise relaxation and pleasure.

So continues a collaborative effort that started back in 2020 with the furnishing of the Cranchi Settantotto 78 ft. The partnership between Cranchi Yachts and Flexform is grounded in a shared vision of beauty and comfort and in the values shared by the two brands, each of which has its own uniquely Italian success story and achieved global fame even as it kept all of its manufacturing activities in Italy, and more specifically in Lombardy. Cranchi Yachts has recently renovated the meeting rooms at its own headquarters in Piantedo, adding Flexform tables, sofas, seats and chairs. The furnishings for the Cranchi Yachts stand at the Cannes Yachting Festival were also designed by Flexform.

The Cranchi concept of total quality is not limited to design and includes innovation in the navigation systems to offer an increasingly smart and integrated experience.

One revolutionary example is the DockSense Alert smart mooring system by Raymarine introduced with the Sessantasette 67 ft. The system uses five cameras with stereo vision to detect objects next to the yacht and create an intuitive map of potential hazards that can be viewed on all the navigating displays installed on board.
The digital control systems, which offer complete monitoring and control over all the systems on board, are also increasingly advanced. Thanks to the shipyard's consolidated partnerships with the main players in the sector, Cranchi yachts feature the best technology available, from the Glass Cockpit by Garmin to the YachtSense on Axiom display by Raymarine.

The emphasis on technology is equally rewarding when it comes to the entertainment systems thanks to a dual approach that aims to simplify the controls, making them available both on the dashboards and on the owner's mobile devices, and offer amazingly high fidelity audio thanks to the use of Bose speakers and the Fusion radio by Garmin, for example.

For over 150 years Cranchi has been synonymous with cutting-edge yachts known for their safety and reliability. A reputation the shipyard earned by constantly updating the technology used for its products and processes, adopting rigorous standards for every detail in the design and construction of its models, and always aiming to be the best in the sector. In recent years, the shipyard has introduced multiple innovations to the manufacturing process, including: the use of new technology for the creation and application of bridges made of teak; the application of interior flooring with woods recommended for marine environments and advanced application systems; the development of never-before-seen layering processes and materials like carbon fibre, in concert with the RINA, which has always certified Cranchi Yachts' production processes.

Excellence is to be found in the details as well: cast parts designed by Cranchi are tailor-made using new alloys perfectly suited for a marine environment. This new technique was used to produce lightweight and resistant side components for the new A46 Luxury Tender and other elements like the mooring hook.

The crowning achievement of a top quality manufacturing process is the final testing phase. To guarantee the highest quality, Cranchi Yachts periodically upgrades its testing systems by means of advanced checklists.

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