First Ever Production Catamaran Furling Boom System

17 October 2023

First Ever Production Catamaran Furling Boom System


Innovation and Collaboration Redefine Catamaran Sailing
Lagoon Catamarans, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the world of sailing catamarans, proudly introduces the world to the first ever production catamaran furling boom system. This revolutionary development represents a major leap forward in catamaran sailing technology and promises to redefine the sailing experience.

In an industry where innovation is the key to enhancing the art of sailing and making it accessible to all, Lagoon Catamarans has unveiled an unprecedented feature that is already generating a wave of excitement among sailing enthusiasts.

A Journey of Dedication and Collaboration
The journey towards creating the Furling Boom System has been marked by unwavering dedication and collaboration. According to Bruno Belmont, the visionary behind this project and Lagoon Catamarans’ multihull expert, "The project started 12 years ago. We did the first set of prototypes which failed. So, we restarted five and a half years ago with fresh ideas and we started building efficient prototypes three years ago that we’ve been field testing ourselves and with owners since." This unrelenting pursuit of perfection underscores Lagoon’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

However, it wasn’t a solo endeavor. Bruno emphasizes, "We were not alone, we had a big team. Sparcraft was one of the main helpers, and Incidence Sails was also in the team, as well as Facnor." This collaborative effort involving industry giants showcases the determination to bring something truly remarkable to the market.

Innovative Approach to Catamaran Sailing
What sets Lagoon's Furling Boom System apart is its unique approach. Bruno explains, "The furling system could not be a copy of a monohull system because of the horizontal compression of the battens." This catamaran-specific challenge required innovative thinking. A catamaran rig is raked aft due to the design of the sail plan so the sail cannot run up a standard sail track given the precise angles required relative to the boom when hoisting and lowering. A catamaran mainsail is also fully battened with a high roach aspect to provide good power to propel the vessel. The engineering in this system has been carefully designed and tested to take all of these factors into account for a smooth and controlled furling operation . 'We wanted the sailor to look at what they’re doing and be capable of reacting in case something went wrong," adds Bruno.

Experience the Future of Catamaran Sailing
Joe Fox, TMG Yachts Sales Manager was, amongst the first to test the first fully equipped vessel in France he stated, “It is evident that this is a really clever setup. It's simple, easy to use and looks great. This is a real winner and a real game changer. It's going to be very exciting to deliver these for our Australian clients on the Lagoon 46 and the Lagoon 51."

For those eager to experience the benefits of Lagoon’s Furling Boom System, Lagoon Catamarans has the exclusive rights to this system, with the factory option available on both the Lagoon 51 and the Lagoon 46 from January 2024.

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