Hanse 460 Is "European Yacht Of The Year 2022"

4 February 2022

Hanse 460 Is "European Yacht Of The Year 2022" The Hanse 460 has been named "European Yacht of the Year 2022" by an international jury of experts. In the Family Cruiser category, the Hanse 460 was able to claim the world's most important award in the sailboat industry. In addition, the Hanse 460 also clearly won the readers' vote in Europe.

The Hanse 460 designed by Berret- Racoupeau, combines radically innovative design with traditional Hanse values such as fast cruising and easy sailing. The newly developed, hydrodynamic hull manages the balancing act between a narrow waterline, for better hull speed, and a wide hull above the waterline with chines fore and aft, giving the greatest possible interior space.

In Australia and in New Zealand, it is already a huge success with many orders from excited buyers to be soon part of the Hanse family.

The Hanse 460 will be officially released in Australia for the Sanctuary Boat Show and we are welcoming every sailors to discover this new model. For New Zealand, the first Hanse 460 will on the Kiwi shores in July.

For more information, check out: https://www.teamwindcraft.com/models/hanse-460/