Lagoon Unveils The Lagoon 43

12 April 2024

Lagoon Unveils The Lagoon 43

Lagoon Unveils the Lagoon 43: Could this be the next best-selling catamaran?

The number one catamaran manufacturer Lagoon is proud to announce the launch of its latest masterpiece, the Lagoon 43. Crafted in collaboration with world renowned architects and designers, the Lagoon 43 is a testament to the evolution of naval workmanship and customer-centric innovation.

Commenting on the new design, TMG Yachts Managing Director, John Cowpe shares his thoughts, “The world took notice when the Lagoon 42 was launched 8 years ago and has since gone on to be the world best-selling catamaran with over 1000 units sold. Now, with the new 43, it is clear that the designers have taken a huge step forward, cementing and extending Lagoon's position as the clear industry leader.” Cowpe continues, “The key to such success is having the best partners. This means the leading naval architects, the largest in-house design team, the widest dealer network and, crucially, more loyal and experienced owners giving feedback than any other brand.”

Key Features of the Lagoon 43

In an exclusive TMG Yachts interview, Quentin Beraut, Lagoon’s product manager, explained the three defining characteristics of the Lagoon 43 as; ease of movement, adaptability, and generous spaces. "The Lagoon 43 sets a new standard for ease of movement with its innovative design," said Beraut. "It offers adaptable spaces, seamlessly connecting the interior and exterior to suit the customer’s preferences."

Ease of movement is established through the innovative side access doors facilitating seamless mobility from the dock, while the recessed saloon door enhances connectivity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Adaptability is emphasised onboard with new features such as a convertible in-and- out table solution, allowing you to move furniture based on your preferences. Another key feature is the new lounging area, with multifunctional backrests that allow owners and guests to see into the cockpit or out to sea. As Quentin Beraut enthusiastically describes, “this innovative design allows sailors to enjoy breathtaking ocean views while lounging in unparalleled comfort”.

Generous spaces are maximised thanks to the redesigned hull expanding internal cabin spaces four-fold, providing larger berths and expansive living areas unparalleled in its class. “This has led to the clever decision to move the master berth forward and the bathroom aft, allowing for quieter sleeps while underway and separating the shower and head,” explains Beraut. “With the strategic shift to move the mast forward, saloon volume and internal manoeuvrability is also improved”.

The 43 introduces a new space with the introduction of the semi-fly on the coachroof, further enhancing the onboard experience. John Cowpe expressed his excitement for the Lagoon 43, highlighting its appeal to both couples and families seeking freedom and adventure. “I can see the semi-fly and the forward lounging being popular. Once we can show the interior and exterior connection, I know that people will appreciate this concept in the context of how they use and move around the vessel.”

Exclusive Preview and Sea Trials

The first Lagoon 43 will be launched in the Mediterranean in mid-2024, with exclusive VIP viewing and sea trial opportunities in late June from Spain – This is your chance to see and test the vessel before her public unveiling at the Cannes festival of yachting. The first 43 will be arriving in Australia in 2025 so TMG Yachts are urging anyone interested in this model to take advantage of this rare opportunity, with members of the team travelling to Spain to be on hand during this event. “There are so many unique selling points, we simply can not wait to show our clients this vessel during the first sea trials in Spain in the upcoming European summer,” concludes Cowpe, adding “I am pleased to say that we have a number of confirmed orders already and the phone is ringing hot!, it is reminiscent of when we first launched the Lagoon 42”.

For more information about the Lagoon 43 and upcoming VIP events, visit TMG Yachts' website or contact them directly

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