Step Into The World Of Exploration Boating With The RAND Roamer 29

7 March 2024

Step Into The World Of Exploration Boating With The RAND Roamer 29

Eyachts introduces the RAND Roamer 29, a vessel meticulously design ed in Denmark to navigate the challenging conditions of Australia and New Zealand’s waters. Crafted with the expedition enthusiast in mind, this vessel sets a new standard in rugged capabilities, functionality and style.

Engine Flexibility:

Versatility is at the heart of the Roamer 29, offering a range of engine configurations including e - Drive, inboard Diesel, petrol, or outboard options. Whether you crave leisurely cruising or exhilarating speeds, or seek eco - conscious exploration with electric propulsion, the Roamer 29's engine flexibility caters to your every need.

Rugged Design:

The Roamer 29 boasts a rugged yet stylish aesthetic. The 29's innovative windscreen crafted entirely from glass, grey colour scheme and practical storage solutions evoke the spirit of adventure synonymous with an off - road vehicle, ensuring you make a bold stateme nt on the water. Eyachts Founder Peter Hrones, upon viewing the vessel at the premiere, exclaimed, “There is nothing else I’ve ever seen like it. The all - glass windscreen allows you to see through it no matter what angle. It is certainly striking.” With the rise of boaters seeking do - all vessels, the RAND Roamer 29 sits well within the Australian market, particularly catering to leisure fishermen looking for family - friendly options.


Exploration Setup: From camping to fishing and everything in between, the Roamer 29 caters to every interest with its versatile exploration setup. Choose the all - weather pilothouse tent for overnight stays in nature and opt for roof racks to accommodate all your recreational gear. For fishing enthusiasts, the vessel features ample storage for rods, hidden freeboard mounts, and up to 6 fishing rod holders, complemented by a convertible aft wet bar and cooktop.

Luxurious Amenities:

Despite its focus on functionality, the Roamer 29 offers uncompromised comfort with am enities such as fridges for refreshments and a spacious table setup for four to five people. Swivel seats ensure seamless social interactions, while a massive toilet area provides ample space for a shower with a sump pump, accompanied by clever storage sol utions underneath.

Multi - functional Bow: Enhancing versatility and enjoyment on board, the Roamer 29's multi - functional bow area features a large sunbed with plush side cushions that can be rearranged to create a spacious lounging area. Carbon poles are provided for setting up an awning, offering shelter from the sun during leisurely cruises.

The RAND Roamer 29 emerges as the ultimate choice for boating enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance, functionality, and style. From its purposeful fishing setup to its luxurious amenities and innovative design elements, it promises a complete package for unforgettable adventures on the water. Contact us Eyachts for more information... or visit their website...

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