How To Get A Recreational Boating Licence


How To Get A Recreational Boating Licence

Boats are a great way to enjoy the water and to get away from it all. But in order to safely enjoy your time on the water, you need to be aware of the laws and regulations that govern boating.

Ideal boat ownership is a balance between your budget and what you want out of your vessel. Boat owners should be mindful of their boat licence and boat registration as some regulations may change depending on where you are located.  It is always wise to understand your responsibilities and rights as a boat owner.

Getting a Boat Licence in Australia

In Australia, most states require a recreational boat licence to master a motorised vessel and all states and territories enforce maritime laws.  The process of getting a boat licence differs from state to state.  The process of renewing your boat licence is not complicated if you have kept your licence up to date.

Most boat licences cover the same principles in regards to boating safety:

• Licencing and registration

• Safety equipment

• Vessel preparation

• Trip planning, including weather, tides, rules, navigation, safe speed, proper lookout etc

• Manoeuvring your boat

• Water safety oand operating rules

• Special boating areas

• Emergency procedures

• Boating offences and penalties.

Boat and Trailer Transfer

The process of transferring a boat and/or trailer is not difficult however it does differ depending on your location.  You will require both seller and buyer details to complete transfer forms. 

Recreational Boating Licence and Boat Transfer

Contact your local boating and maritime authority:

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