I Have Sold My Boat - Checklist Of Things To Do


Congratulations on selling your boat!  We hope this checklist is helpful.

1. Complete your Boat and Trailer Transfer Forms

Login to your Boatsonline/Yachthub account and click the 'Transfer Forms' button. 

Transfer forms may need to be completed (signed by both the buyer and seller) when a boat is sold.  In some states, its the seller's responsibility to submit the transfer forms, while in others, it’s up to the buyer. Either way, it’s important that you keep a copy of the transfer forms for your records. 

2. Prepare a Receipt of Sale

While a receipt of sale is not legally binding, it’s good to keep a record. 

3. Notify your Insurance Company

Be sure to notify your insurance company af any changes.  You may even be due a refund!

4. Remove your Ad from Boatsonline/Yachthub

Please login to your account to remove your Ad.  It may be a good idea to print your Ad for your records.