Preparing Your Boat For Transport


Preparing Your Boat For Transport

Boat Transport Tips

Transporting your boat shouldn’t be stressful – plan ahead, inspect and document everything before and after transport and get to having fun on the water at your boats new home!

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Check with your boat transporter ahead of time for any other requirements. We also recommend you go over what is and is not covered by their transport insurance so that you can arrange accordingly.

  • Clean your boat and inspect for/document any existing damages
  • Ensure your boat will fit under all branches and power lines at the marina
  • Secure any loose items, both above and below deck
  • Secure all hatches and cabin windows with rope or tape. Make sure they seal tightly to avoid water damage
  • Drain all fuel, water tanks, water systems and pumps. Ask your provider if they prefer the fuel tank fully empty or at a quarter tank
  • Remove drain plugs from the hull
  • Disconnect the batteries and ensure cables are safely stowed
  • Remove any valuable electronic equipment that could be damaged, especially if it protrudes from the boat’s standard dimensions.

Transporting Sailboats

When transporting a sailboat, the mast will need to be removed and secured to the trailer. It is advisable to fully blanket-wrap the mast to avoid damage. Keep in mind that some paint scuffing is likely to occur through normal road vibrations during a longer journey.

Wooden Boats

Special care should be taken when preparing a wooden boat for transport so as to avoid any drying out. A coat of linseed oil is recommended. Also note that a custom cradle may be advisable in order to distribute the craft’s weight properly to avoid any splitting during transport.


It is important to clarify if your boat will be transported on its own trailer or if the service provider will need to provide one.

It’s usually most convenient to transport your boat on its own trailer. This will likely open up more provider options, as many pickups can simply attach and tow the trailer.

If you do not have a trailer, it is critical that you provide your transporter with precise dimensions so that they can determine whether or not they can accommodate the load and ensure transport without damage. Make sure you have a way to load and unload your boat, as well.