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49' 3" - 15.00m
Ex factory, India
Model Year
Hull Material

Description: 15m VIP Cat
The vessel shall be constructed as a medium speed, sea kindly, VIP passenger service vessel for the use in Indian waters. The vessel shall be arranged as shown in the preliminary drawing. The Helm is arranged to allow all round vision. Boarding is effective by the provision of wide side decks and grab rails, allowing side, bow or stern loading. Entry to the passenger saloon is via rear, and a side mounted weatherproof doors.

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Ex factory, India
Family, Leisure
Model Year
49' 3" - 15.00m
5.4m (17ft 8in)m
1.3m (4ft 3in)m
Hull Material
Cummins - QSC-8.3 493 HP @ 2600 rpm MAIN ENGINES AND GEARBOXES GENERAL Two (2) off freshwater heat exchange, sea water cooled, Cummins - model -QSC 8.3 (500 MHP @ 2600 RPM), or equivalent, Intermittent rating diesel engines shall be installed coupled to reverse / reduction marine, ZF 325-1 Gearboxes as specified by engine suppliers. Alarms on main engine function (no shutdowns). The engines shall be fitted with an electric starter motor, crankshaft p. T. O. For steering pump. Water injected exhaust elbows. An auxiliary p. T. O. And bilge pump shall be fitted to one engine. Engines instrument panel and key stop / start to be provided for the main helm. Main engines to be resiliently mounted to ship's structure. Crank case breather shall be plumbed to above deck. Axial fans shall be fitted, 220 volt, in the machinery space for ventilation.
Max Speed
27 Knots (Light Ship)
Cruise Speed
25 Knots (90% MCR)
1500 litres
250 litres
Passengers: 20 + 4 Crew
Safety Gear
The following safety equipment shall be provided : (Included in quotation) :
(a) Inflatable Life Raft (2 off) RFD 12 Man APACK
(b) Life Buoys as per Class requirements
(c) Fire Extinguishers as per Class requirements
(d) Fire Buckets as per Class requirements
(e) Anchor with rope & chain
(f) Audible Alarm warning horn
(g) Portable Torch (2 off) Battery operated
(h) Tool / Maintenance Kit
(i) First Aid Kit (1 off)
(j) Fire & Safety Plan to be displayed
(k) Life Jackets (30 off) as per Class requirements
The electrical power shall be supplied from two banks of low maintenance lead acid batteries located in an enclosure in the machinery space. Battery selection will be via a Colhersee or similar rotary selection switch mounted adjacent to the batteries.
The batteries will be float charged by engine driven battery charging alternators.
Wiring shall be ISI Approved having electrical, mechanical and thermal properties complying with the Survey Authorities.
The following shall be supplied:
(a) Cabin Lighting Helm and passenger areas
(b) Navigation Lights (i) Anchor Light
(ii) Masthead light
(iii) Port side light (on roof)
(iv) Starboard side light (on roof)
(v) Stern Light
(vi) Flashing Orange Light
(c) Search Light Hand operated spotlight
(d) Three Circuits Spare circuits supplied
(e) VHF DSC Radio (1 off) Located in Pilot House
VHF Radio in Cabin Area (1 off) Located in VIP Lounge
VHF Radio Portable (2 off)
(f) Engine-room Fans (Alternate Current)
(g) Depth Sounder
(h) Ship's Horn
(i) Bilge Pump
(j) GPS
(k) Radar (24 Miles)
(l) Chart Plotter (Optional Extra)
(m) AIS (Class B)
(n) Binoculars (7 x 50) (1 off)
(o) Compass (1 off)
(p) Auto-Pilot (Optional Extra)
The vessels hull shall be moulded in FRP, transversely framed and longitudinally stiffened with scantlings in accordance with the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) for FRP planning craft and in accordance with the Special Service Craft under Certification of the IRS or equivalent.
Four (4) watertight bulkheads shall be provided for watertight subdivision in each hull.
Limber holes to be provided as necessary to ensure proper drainage and ventilation of all tanks, compartments, pockets and voids.
Insert blocks shall be used for all local structural reinforcement as required. Additional stiffening shall be applied above the propellers and ample tip clearance shall be provided.
The bow and stern quarters shall be additionally stiffened internally. 85 dba. Shall be the desired sound level within the main cabin area.

All materials used shall be in accordance with the Standards approved by the IRS

Pilot House Instruments:
Engine oil pressure gauge
Gear oil pressure gauge
Water temperature gauge
Engine Start
Engine Stop
Rudder angle Indicator

(a) Padded helm seat (2 off)
(b) Marine carpet in main cabin area.
(c) VIP Cabin - Upholstered Sofa Style Passenger seating as shown
in the General Arrangement Drawing
- 12 in numbers Aircraft style Passenger seating as shown in the General Arrangement Drawing
- VHF Radio (1 off)
- DVD Player with Surround Sound System
- 32 inch LED Television
- Wall Fans and Lighting
- Tables as shown in the General Arrangement Drawing
- Call Bell
- Vacuum Cleaner
(d) Safety equipment to local Maritime Authority's requirement.
(e) Windscreen Wipers 110o pantograph paralleled wipe. (4 off)
(f) Toilet European style. (2 off) As shown in the General
Arrangement Drawing
(g) Handwash Basin (2 off) Within Toilet Spaces
(h) VHF Radio (2 off) Fixed Type
(i) Manual anchor winch (1 off) (rope & chain) clutch type.
(j) Compass (1 off)
(k) Tap in Engine room (2 off) F. W. Pressure fed.
(l) Depth Sounder (1 off)
(m) Chart Plotter (Optional Extra)
(n) Radar (1 off) 24 Nautical Miles
(o) GPS (1 off)
(p) AIS (1 off)
(q) VHF Radio Portable (2 off) Hand Held
(r) Shore Power Connection (1 off) Cable Type
(s) Galley (1 off) 65 Litre Refrigerator
(2 off) Electric Hot Plates
(1 off) Microwave Oven
(1 off) Electric Kettle
Storage Cabinets
(1 set) For Twelve Crockery & Cutlery
(2 off) Garbage Bins
(t) Crew Cabin (2 off) 2 x 2 Berth Cabins with
Mattresses, Pillows Lockers, Draws and Wall Fans located in the hulls as shown in the General Arrangement Plan


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