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36' 1" - 11.00m
Ex. China
Model Year
Hull Material

Description: NEW BUILD - 11m Fast Interceptor
This specification describes the design and construction of the tactically-seized, proven reliable, rough sea-going 11M advanced composite vessel which will be arranged as a fast interceptor craft (hereafter referred to as "vessel") to use in coastal waters with armour and equipment capacities to focus the following operating missions: a. Terrorist activities interception; b. Coastal defense against illegal activities and smuggling; c. Interception of hostile vessels; d. Fishery control; e. Protecting natural resources against unauthorized exploitation; f. Offshore facilities protection; g. SAR operations; h. Detecting and fighting sea pollution; i. Oil field security and protection; j. Mid-range combat operation.

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Ex. China
Model Year
Kingtough Boats International Co., Ltd.
36' 1" - 11.00m
3m (9ft 10in)m
2.9m (9ft 6in)m
Hull Material
Engine Make
2 x Cummins QSC 8.3 500HP@2600RPM, rated as intermittent duty for applications where max. Allowed operating hours is less than 1500hr/year Gear Box: ZF 305-3. Deduction ratio subject to final RPM of waterjet im pepper.
Number Engines
Max Speed
43 knots at full-load displacement and 100% MCR
Cruise Speed
30 knots at full-load displacement and 100% MCR
2 x Ross Royce Kamewa 25 A3
Safety Gear
Part One: Lifesaving Equipment
6 x lifebuoys, among which 2 fitted with a self-activating smoke and light signal, 2 with a self-igniting light and 2 with a buoyant lifeline, Viking or similar;
2 x Thowing line, Viking or similar;
8 x SOLAS Adult type life jacket;
4 x Emergency Parachute flare, Viking or similar;
1 x Line-throwing apparatus;
2 x Buoyant Smoke Signal;
1 x Lifesaving Signal SOLAS NO. 1
1 x Training Manual
1 x Instruction for Onboard Maintenance
2 x Portable VHF Radio (See also in "Navigation and Communication Equipment")
Diagram with descriptive words and pictures to demonstrate procedures of operation for life raft and life jacket.

Part Two: Firefight Equipment
2 x 4.5 kg portable extinguisher, Class 3A, will be fitted aft portside and starboard of the crew seating cabin near the forward bulkhead of the engine room;
1 x 4.5 kg portable extinguisher, Class 3A, will be fitted under the console station.
2 x 4.5 kg portable extinguishers, Class 80B, fitted inside the engine room compartment.
1 x Seafire FM200 fixed type pr-engineered fire suppression system for engine room, with gas pipe to be 316# stainless steel and painted in red and gas bottles to be installed in the engine room. Mechanical, electric and automatic control options available subject to purchaser's final approval. The system will be fitted with its own dedicated fire detector systems.
1 x EPIRB, operating at 121.5 and 406 MHz (See also in "Navigation and Communication Equipment&
4 x Emergency Red Hand flare
Supplied following requirement by the project and rules for GMDSS A2 which covers the navigation zone of R2 service group as notated by DNV, detailing as follows:
1 x Raymarine C125 main navigation radar with two 12.5" HD multifunctional display networking to integrate GPS, radar, AIS, echo sounder and chart plotter having one positioned in front of the helmsman and the other one in front of the navigator
1 x Richie FN-203 flush-mounted navigator compass
2 x MCMURDO r5 handlheld VHF, GMDSS type,
1 x Sailor 6222 fixed VHF radio station, DSC Type, Class A;
1 x SAILOR 6310 MF/HF, DSC type, Class A
1 x MCMURDO Smartfind GMDSS NAVTEX receiver
1 x MCMURDO S4 SART, GMDSS type, See also in Lifesaving Equipment
1 x MCMURDO E5 406 MHZ EPIRB, GMDSS type, see also in Lifesaving Equipment;
1 x Whistle in accordance with 72 COLREG, fed by 24C DC electric air compressor with control bush bottom located in the bridge house;
1 x Horn mounted on bridge house top deck and bed by 24V/100V electric air compressor;
1 x 24V DC Hella Navigation lights and shapes in accordance with requirement by COLREGS.
Vessel Particulars
Vessel Type: FSV
Year of Built: Built to order
Class: DNV, notated as SCC, Patrol, G2 Service Group for operations in coastal waters
Flag: MCA MGN280
Hull/Superstructure Materials: Aluminium

Hull Length: 11.0m
Waterline Length: 10.8m
BOA: 3.6m
Beam(Hull): 3.2m
Beam(Chine): 2.8m
Draft(Mean): 0.65m
Depth(at midship):2.0m
Control Station: center console with open T-top for sunshade

Aft Deck:
SAR and diving support platform;
Stair-down stairway to lead from longitudinal central line of aft deck to the SAR and diving support platform;
1 x large-sized soft patch as hoisting hatch to allow lift of main engines and waterjet units out from engine room when hoisting work is required;
1 x 600mm x 600mm service access hatch fitted in the deck structure of the aft deck;
2 x air outlets each positioned inboard of the portside and starboard deck bulwark;
2 x air intakes each positioned on portside and starboard of forward of aft deck with air intakes to face the front side of the vessel for secured quality in air exchange;

Amidship Deck:
1 x stairway as access from aft deck down to the open crew cabin;
6 x Ullman Dynamics shock mitigating jockey seats fitted on the deck floor above tank compartment
1 x Ergonomically designed console center with high, forward-facing glass to improve vessel handling comfort for the helmsman;
1 x Hard top(also called T-top) with sunshade to fully cover the crew seating and console station with U-shaped cutoff above the staircase that leads to aft deck so as to allow significant clear height for crew maneuvering from the open crew seating cabin upto the aft deck without the head to be knocked by the aft section of the hardtop;
360 deg. Of walk around the whole console center to secure top quality for patrol and security maneuvering throughout.
1 x 500mm x 500mm watertight hatch fitted in the deck structure vertically above the fuel tank to allow schedule service to the tank.

Forward Decks:
1 x free security deck with option to fit with hard points for machine gun;
1 x stair-up staircase to lead from the security deck upto the forward boarding station with cutoff bow to work as push knee to allow safe and direct push alongside floating facilities or large ship;
1 x Boarding rail package to run on both sides of the boarding station to provide for crew grab;
for Free forward deck with raised bulwark and grab rails to run on top of the bulwark;
1 x 600mm x 600mm watertight hatch as access from security deck down to the hull void compartment which can be laid out to work as stowage space to house safety equipment and general service tools;
2 x locker each fitted on the portside and starboard into the bulwark near the staircase;
1 x 600mm x 600mm watertight hatch to allow access to the anchor locker.

1 x 20kg HHP anchor, manual operated
6 x Double bitt bollards constructed from aluminium
4 x lifting lugs fabricated into the hull structure
1 x A-frame radar mas

Fuel Oil: 1,000L
Fresh Water: N/A.
Grey Water Tank: N/A
Black Water Tank capacity: N/A

Kind Note:
All electronics have been selected
To secure top quality. KINGTOUGH reserves the
right to standardize the brand and model of the
electronics subject to user preference before
signing off the technical specs.


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