AU $83,800 In Stock
24' 3" - 7.40m
Model Year
Hull Material
Aluminium Marine Grade 5083 H116

Description: Sabrecraft Marine WBCR7400 -7.40 Meter Catamaran Work Boat with Ramp
Sabrecraft Marine WBCR7400 Catamaran Work Boat with Ramp

Combining our Catamaran hull with an efficient and heavy duty ramp this vessel is perfect for remote and coastal regions as well as inlet waterways, need to load an ATV, or want to transport equipment easily? You no longer need to lift everything over the sides, park up on a beach or riverbank, drop the ramp and you can drive or wheel your items on and off with ease! For those needing to pull items into the boat while on the water there is an option to add a winch to the rear of the deck enabling you to drop the ramp while in the water and drag items from the water onto the deck, there is plenty of space and the hull design offers optimum stability.
Currently available in 2 models, WBCR5900 and the WBCR7400. These are the best built catamaran work punts on the market, as well as the best priced in Australia today.

This is not a plank boat, it is a true heavy-duty Marine Grade Plate Aluminium boat with double floor and 100 x 50 RHS internal floor structure. All floors are pressure tested in the factory to 0.20 bar. Bottom and Side Plate is 5mm with the Main Deck and Forward Deck, slot welded 4mm plate

Everything about this boat is truly Heavy Duty, Bollards, Toe Holds, Grab Rails, Boarding Ladder, covers for the Bilge Pumps, Fuel Tank, Lifting Lugs, Console and we are always looking to improve

The deck is self-draining with 8 x scuppers fitted, 2 at the rear and 3 down each side

We use world renowned Transocean coatings, Marine Grade PU inside is White and the outside colour is your choice. All colours from the RAL Colour Chart are available and in addition to this we are currently offering complimentary custom wrap on vessels.

These are now Production Boats with stock generally available in the factory, on the water or in our Australian holding yards located in Brisbane QLD and Perth WA.

Certification - Survey 2C
These boats are plan approved to AMSA Domestic Commercial Vessel
o Plan Approval AMSA accredited Surveyor - Included
o Inspection during construction - Included
o Final Inspection - Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne included

Specifications - WBCR7400
Construction Material: 4/5mm Marine Grade 5083 H116 Aluminium
Length OA: 7.40 meters
Width OA: 2.30 meters
Height OA: 1.50 meters
Gunwale Tie Down Rail: Full length
Deck Toe Hold: Full Length
Floor structure is double plate fully welded with 100x50 RHS longitudinal & cross bracing
120lt aluminium fuel tank fitted into transom behind seat
Lifting lugs fitted x 4
Forward ramp
Navigation Lights: Forward
Deck is aluminium plate 4mm coated with non-slip rubber membrane
Approval 1: AMSA - Domestic Commercial Vessel
Approval 2: CE Module B Category D
Motor: Maximum 200hp (not included)
Colour -TBA Client's choice, single colour
Batteries: Twin with high amperage isolator switch
Warranty: Structural 5 years - Fittings 12 Months

Side Fenders (poly pipe) - Top Full Length: $740.00
Side Fenders (poly pipe) - Top Bottom Full Length: $740.00
Side Seating - Both sides: $1,950.00
Enclosed Sides: $4,670.00
Side Console: $980.00
Cable Steering + Whhel: $780.00
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Steering + Wheel: $2,880.00
High pressure deck wash and hose: $380.00
Gunwale Grab Rail - Both sides: $1,570.00
Motor Guard - $2,850.00
Canopy 1.50 x 2.30: $2,650.00
Canopy 3.00 x 2.30: $2,970.00
Canopy 4.00 x 2.30: $3,360.00
Canopy 5.00 x 2.30: $3,950.00
Canopy 6.00 x 2.30: $4,480.00
Ant-foul Hull and Sides 300mm - $880.00

Engines - Ask about Pricing
We stock Yamaha, Suzuki and Mercury

WBT5900/7400 Tandem Built to AS4177.3-2003-ADR-VSB1-Rev 6
o Rating: 2,700kg ATM
o Frame: Hot dipped galvanised C Section
o Coupling: 50mm Hydraulic with Breakaway System
o Axles: 2 x HDG - 2000kg rating each
o Suspension: Torsion Bar
o Brakes: Kodiac Disc both axles
o Wheels: Hot dipped galvanised
o Tyres: 14" 185R trailer rated
Price: $14,850 + GST no rego

Aluminium Boating Specialists!
Sabrecraft Marine is truly a one stop shop for all your vessel design, certification and manufacturing needs. With our inhouse naval architects, AMSA approved surveyor, CE certified products and precision CNC, contact us today to discuss your next boating adventure!!

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Western Australia
Perth Region
Family, Cruising, Charter
Model Year
24' 3" - 7.40m
Hull Material
Aluminium Marine Grade 5083 H116


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