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12' - 3.65m
Adelaide Region Edwardstown SA
Model Year
Hull Material
Inflatable - Welded PVC

Description: Island Inflatables Island Airdeck 365 - Welded PVC


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The 3.65m Island Inflatable Boat with AIR-Deck Floor is best suited as the first size in the Island Inflatable range to use as a day / touring boat. This model Island Inflatable IA365 is very popular in the Island range as its the largest model with the AIR-Deck floor. The Island 3.65m is also a perfect size boat to take away on holidays as its compact size and light weight makes it conveint to pack away in the back of car or caravan.

Island Inflatable boats are Australian designed using the lastest "High Frequencey Thermo Welding" (HFTW) technics on all seams for durability against Australia's harsh conditions. You'll never have a Island Inflatable seam come apart due to heat or hot days due to HFTW.

It's not only our manufacturing processes which makes Island Inflatables the #1 selling privately owned brand in Australia. It's our unique features and attention to detail. Firstly all our boats are designed by "Island Inflatables". Most brands you see online and in-store are boats purchased at trade fairs with brand names then placed on them.

Lets start with our materials. Island Inflatables use the heaviest grade of PVC material possible before going into the commercial grades used in the armed forces etc. Our grade is 1100 D-teck Denier / 0.9mm thickness.

All out tubes sizes are oversized. This makes for a nicer riding boat. It's more comfortable to be sitting on the side of a inflatable with larger tubes. It also creates a much drier ride.

Island Inflatable transoms are constructed with marine ply coated with epoxy coating, rubber sealing on top. A Internal and External outboard mounting plate. As well as a 1 way bung which allows you to remove the bung and drive the boat to remove any excess water under the floor.

A good way to see if a inflatable boat is a quality inflatable boat is by the tow rings located at the front of the boat. Island Inflatable boats use a large heavy duty Stainless Steel tow ring. Mounted on a equally large and reinforced mounting patch. Lesser quality boats will always use a smaller ring and patch with no reinforcing.

Island Inflatable Boats pay special attention to wear and tear. We use non-marking rubbing / wear strips around the side and under the keel.

All Island Inflatables come standard with a over-inflatation valve. Fitted to help with hotter days and increased air pressure.

On the underside of each oversized tube we apply a 2nd layer of PVC material. This helps when dragging or launching your inflatable off a beach. It gives that extra layer of protection from any hidden rocks / shells etc.

Island Inflatables off set the grab / safety rope to the side of the tube instead of the top. This is so when sitting on the tubes your not sitting on a uncomfortable rope.

Whats stands out most with the Island inflatable boats is the unique and very useful Internal Rear Carry Handles. This was our first desgin feature we come up with. As having the handles on the outside rear tubes makes it impossible for 1 people to carry the boat. Also the handles are made from a much harder material which can easily scratch your cruiser / yacht. So it made perfect sense to move the handles from the outside of the rear tubes to the inside.

Lastly the look/aesthetics of our Island Inflatable boats. Once again so much thought has been put into the colour schemes. You'll find models from 2m upto 2.9m are white and black. This is because in this size the main use is for tenders to larger cruisers / yachts. We want out Island Inflatables to compliment your pride and joy by blending in not standing out while floating off the back of your boat. The 3.3m up to 4.3m models are more day boats. We use a light grey colour so they hide and dirty marks easier plus the colour isnt dark enough to attract the heat of the sun and make it uncomfortable for you to sit on.


Overall length: 3.65m / 12ft
Inside length: 256cm
Overall width: 180cm
Inside width: 85cm
Tube diameter: 48cm
Chambers: 3 + Floor + Keel
Person capacity: 5 Persons
Cargo capacity: 650kg
Max motor power: 30hp / 22kw
Boat weight (Boat/Floor/Oars/Seat): 50kg
Floor options: Air-Deck or Marine ply

Material: Heavy Duty 1100 D-Teck denier polyester coated PVC. Weight - 1100 g/m2 Thickness 0.9mm
AIR-Deck Floor: High Pressure floor for ridget ride and firm to stand on.
Inflatable keel
Double layer of PVC mateerial on underside of tubes
2 Seats
2 Internal Rear Carry handles
Combination Front Carry handle Bow ring with mooring rope
2 Heavy Duty Stainless steel tow rings with extra reinforcing
Non-marking all round rubbing strakes.
Off-set Safety / Grab ropes
24mm thick marine grade transom with rubber capping
Inside / Outside motor plates
Self bailing one way bung / drain plug
Over inflatation valve
2 Internally sealed bulkheads to equalize tube pressures


Dual Action Hand Pump.
Carry Bag
Set of Oars
2 Seats
Repair kit

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South Australia
Adelaide Region Edwardstown SA
IA 365 1
Family, Leisure, In-shore Fishing
Model Year
12' - 3.65m
Hull Material
Inflatable - Welded PVC


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