The Boat Club - WA Fremantle

PO Box 403
Fremantle WA 6959
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The Boat Club will provide a professional management service to each of its clients to enhance their enjoyment of the Smart Boating Lifestyle.

Our Mission will be accomplished by each of our people committing to the Boat Club values which provide a non-negotiable framework for all of our decisions and behaviours.

Steve is an extensively experienced business manager and consultant within the services sector in Western Australia. With a reputation for providing high levels of service he brings to the Boat Club the Values detailed below. “Boating has always been a passion of mine” Steve said “and I am excited to be able to contribute to others’ enjoyment of it”.

 Boat Share Power Price
Sea Ray 230s Bowrider - 1/5 Share @ $5,250 AU $5,250
1/5 share
Leeder Tomcat 240 - 1 Quarter Share:** Reduced** AU $9,000
1/4 share
Rinker 270 Express Cruiser - 1/4 Share @ $15,950 **Reduced** AU $15,950
1/4 share
Northern Star Evolution 33 You Want Lots Of Space? Here It Is!!! AU $21,750
1/4 share
 Used Power Boats Price
Sea Ray 230 - 1/5 Share @ $5,250 AU $5,250
Leeder Tomcat 240 - 1 Quarter Share @ $9,000 **Reduced** AU $9,000
Rinker 270 Express Cruiser - 1/4 Share @ $15,950 Reduced!! AU $15,950